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Hello! My name is Ramsey Hong. I was born in Hong Kong and grew up in New York City. From my first experience of using a drawing of a dragon and an astronaut flying by in a rocket to impress a girl in second grade, I knew I was dedicated to using the power of visual communication for good.


I'm a Senior Graphic Designer with 18+ years of Communication Design experience. I've worked collaboratively with and managed creative teams on projects to strategize and produce effective work. I am driven by the challenge of developing useful and creative solutions for projects in graphic design, photo/video art direction, and information/marketing campaigns.

Travel and experiencing all the variety, wonder and delicious food I can find literally feeds my desire to think on what I can do to be more creative, effective, and helpful in my life.

Let's get together and talk about all the different wonderful places we've been to, want to go to and the delicious foods we've eaten there! Oh, we can talk about graphic design too if you'd like. 👍

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